About us

Asiantech was incorporated in 2007. However, our journey in technology design and start-up of chemical, petrochemical, power generation plants in Asia has began more than 27 years ago. The single goal for which Asiantech was created is simple: to provide new ideas, technology engineering services, new solutions, syntheses plants, packaged plants, powders handling and dosing systems, specialized processing units, advanced automation systems, commissioning and start-up support for SME engaged in development of new products and new production units in specialty chemicals, food and pharma.


Our 27 year experience in design and start-up of chemical and petrochemical plants, our practical but  professional approach, our solutions and machines, have resulted in many successful implementations in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, China, Australia, South America.


We choose to base our operation from the heart of Asia, Thailand, because we believe that this country is the ideal site as the home base for our growing business. We benefit from the highly developed city of Bangkok, which represents also the most important cross road for Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific and China.

With several projects successfully completed in China, in 2015 we have opened a local representation. We have chosen the city of Zhengzhou because this fast growing city has one of the largest GDPs in China and exerts massive economic influence over the country, particularly the central China region. Moreover, Zhengzhou is located exactly in Central China and this makes this city a strategic base to bring our services in the all country.


Asiantech Enterprise has been approved by National Innovation Agency (NIA) and by Thailand Board of Investment (BOI). Link

Dedicated to my Father...

Asiantech Enterprise is dedicated to the memory of my father. My father was an extremely brilliant man, who had an outstanding career as technical manager and super-consultant, working for prestigious engineering companies for the design, construction and start-up of petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas and power generation plants worldwide, throughout the 60', the 70', the 80's and the 90's . The projects he completed during his carrier are countless. He always represented my primary source of inspiration, since I was a little boy and he used to take me into the amazing construction works of the petrochemical “monsters”, and then when I started my study of Engineering . When I covered the position of engineering manager for a prestigious multinational company, I had the possibility to take him on board for a large project as one of my contractor. Thus, we had this unique opportunity to work together, father and son,  myself the project manager, my father the super-expert, and we had great time and great success together.

Today that he is not longer with me, he still represents the primary source of inspiration for all my challenges. I still dedicate to him my work and my achievements.

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